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21 Resolutions For New Year Or Goal Ideas For 2020

21 Resolutions For New Year Or Goal Ideas For 2020

Hello Geeks, Welcome to the New Year of 2020.

          It’s the year to start your plans, take action and reach your goals.   We’ve created 21 New Year’s Goal Ideas. And below is the list. 

1. Maintain a regular fitness regimen.
2. Get up earlier.
3. Drink more water.
4. Keep a regular sleep schedule.
5. Start and maintain a healthier diet.
6. Limit how much you eat out.
7. Declutter your home
8. Be more generous this year
9. Leave toxic relationships behind
10. Read one book a week
11. Start a side hustle
12.Be more kind to yourself. Practice self-care.
13. Learn a new skill.
14. Do a thing our of your comfort zone.
15. Meditate & Practice Mindfulness.
16. Pay your outstanding debts.
17. Travel the world.
18. Spend more time with family & friends.
19. Limit your time on Social media.
20. Go on a shopping ban.
21. Write a journal.


That’s all folks.

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