Do’s And Don’ts For Facebook Business Pages

Do’s And Don’ts For Facebook Business Pages

Hello Geeks, 

          Today’s our Topic is Do’s and Don’ts tips for your Facebook Business Pages. Nowadays people want to promote their Business through any source or channel. Facebook is one of the best source out there for promoting your business using Facebook Business Pages. 

           Here we will give you tips of What to do and What not to do on a Facebook Business Page created for your business. By following this you may get a good idea of how to promote your page and get clients and / or convert them into forever customers.

Below is the list. So check it out. Have a good read!

To Do’s :

  1. Post interesting, quality content that is timely and relevant to your followers
  2. Only share posts from those you trust
  3. Post on a regular basis at strategic times
  4. Share content you would recommend to others.
  5. Run a contest or promotion to increase followers
  6. Use #hashtags to increase interaction – this enables others to find you using specific terms
  7. Include links to drive traffic to your website
  8. Post engaging photos and ask questions for high engagement
  9. Respond and “Like” comments to those who interact with you
  10. Post short comments
  11. Utilize the cover photos by adding a link to your site or email sign-up form 

Don’ts :

  1.  Ask others to like or follow you on your post
  2. Overuse #hashtags
  3. Tag people in pictures or graphics if they’re not in the photo
  4. Constantly promote your business
  5. Flood the news feed – space your posts out
  6. Post low quality information or memes
  7. Run a photo with more than 20% wording in it as a boosted or promoted post
  8. Post anything you would not like to see in your own news feed
  9. Neglect to post on weekends or when your audience is online
  10. Forget that your page is there to engage your followers – not just to sell your products
That’s all folks for today. Have a great Facebook Business Page and grow your business. Thanks.

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