Top 5 Free Website Builder Platforms

Top 5  Free Website Builder Platforms 

Hello Geeks,

Today we are bringing Top 5 Free Website Builder Platforms for you. In this article we will be discussing about Pros and cons of Website Building Platforms.

Below is the list. Check it out!

1. WordPress.org

Pros :
  1. Complete control over website and scalable
  2.  Extremely customizable, can be used for any type of website
  3. Thousands of free themes and plugins
  4. Search engine friendly
Cons :
  1. Can be confusing at first and has a learning curve
  2. Have to manage backups, updates and security on your own

2. Wix.com

  1.  Many templates and apps for customization
  2. Drag and drop tools for easy customization
  3.  Offers a free plan, so you can test out their platform
  1. The free plan is extremely limited and will show ads on your website
  2.  Cannot change template once selected
  3. Can get really expensive when adding on options

3. Squarespace

  1. Very simple and easy to use for beginners
  2. Has many attractive and customizable templates
  1. The Personal plan which is $16 a month limits you to 20 pages, a blog, and 2 contributors
  2.  Limited features can halt your website from scaling
  3. Limited third-party services integration

4. WordPress.com

Pros :
  1. Free to start and gives you access to hundreds of free themes
  2. Easy to use and manage
  3. No need to handle your own backups, updates or security
  1. Cannot install custom themes or plugins unless on the business plan which costs $24.92 a month
  2. Free plan has WordPress ads on you site
  3. You are under the control of WordPress.com and they will be able to suspend your account.

5. Sitebuilder

  1. All in one platform similar to WordPress.org
  2.  Access to thousands of templates
  3.  Offer a free plan
  1.  Limited tools
  2. Free plan includes ads and does not include a domain name

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