Inside Chanakya’s Mind: Aanvikshiki and the Art of Thinking Paperback

Inside Chanakya’s Mind | Book Review

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Book Review | Inside Chanakya’s Mind
  • Title: Inside Chanakya’s Mind
  • Author:  Radhakrishnan Pillai
  • Genre : Non fiction/management/self help
Inside Chanakya’s Mind

Inside Chanakya’s Mind: Aanvikshiki and the Art of Thinking Paperback – 17 February 2017

The book is regarding Chanakya’s success mantras – Art of Aanvikshiki.  (Aanvikshiki – one in all the names of Draupadi and author’s daughter) I.e. Thought, Speech and Action. It explain how to think and respond to the different situations in life.
In the first half of the book, (yes it has an interval too) R Pillai explains different type & models of thinking. All successfully adapted by Chanakya and led to win many wars. No doubt it’s still relevant in today’s era if we use and practice them correctly. R Pillai has just explained it exquisitely.
In the second half, the book also explores the other side of Chanakya which I like the most. In all portraits drawn and available of Chanakya, he’s either looking pretty serious or his firm fingers pointing somewhere. Since childhood, i always wondered why he looks so thinking and serious all the time. Thanks to an author we have a tendency to get to understand a soft aspect of Chanakya.
He’s not only served the king –Chandragupta Maurya & predecessor of Maurya dynasty but contributed humongous in making major reforms and changes in the field of science, politics, espionage, health, law, Crime and punishment, Life & wealth management, society well fare etc. He additionally explains duty of true king/leader, what should be the daily routine of a king/leader.
Overall the book teaches us an essential life lessons through “Chanakya Neeti” and encourages to become great leaders of the future. There is no doubt that Chanakya’s teaching and service has major contribution in building the nation what we have a tendency to ar nowadays.
Complete book :  Here

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