When Breath Becomes Air | Book Review

When Breath Becomes Air | Book Review

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Book Review | When Breath Becomes Air

  • When Breath Becomes Air
  • Author: Paul Kalanithi
  • Genre: Autobiography/Life/motivational/Self help
When Breath Becomes Air | Book Review
Long Story Short
Paul Kalanithi’s “When breath becomes air ” is a life history and memoir of his life after he was diagnosed with Stage IV lung cancer. He was scholar neurosurgeon rather a neuroscientist. His research and work in the field of medical was remarkable.
The story of genius doctor who became patient is indeed rare and empathetic. Paul always chased “What makes a life worth living” but hadn’t thought he had to experience it while dying himself. At the young age of 36 when he was accomplishing greater heights of career and saving lives of other, having a lung cancer was cruel fate he got. Despite that Paul doesn’t gave up and bravely teach meaningful lessons of life with his own heart wrenching story. He choose to continue serving patients and living the life to the fullest even if the death was at door.

Apart from life science, He was equally curious about literature & philosophy. He wrote the whole book while battling the cancer and finished it although he can’t press the words with his own fingers during last stage. He can not finished final manuscript hence his wife lucy Kalinithi wrote the epilogue.

It’s must read for getting insights of neurosurgeon’s life, teaching philosophy of death and life. The words are so inspiring and thought provoking, you can not escape.
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